Management Bodies

Banco Votorantim’s governance model is under continuous improvement to achieve more robustness and transparency, ensuring agility in decision-making processes — BV’s strong characteristic.

Governance is shared among the two shareholders, Votorantim Group and Banco do Brasil, with equal participation of each of them in the Board of Directors and its Advisory Committees (Finance and Products & Marketing), besides the three following statutory bodies:


  • Fiscal Council, which is an independent body created to supervise the administrative management acts;
  • Audit Committee, a body whose duties include evaluating the effectiveness of the internal control system and of the internal and independent audits, besides reviewing and issuing an opinion on the quality of the financial statements; and
  • Compensation and Human Resources Committee, a body that monitors matters related to the Management Compensation Policy and HR practices.

In addition, BV’s administrative management is conducted by the Executive Committee and its Operational Committees and Commissions, involving its executive leaderships.



Administrative Organs










Updated on February 16th, 2017