Partnership with Banco do Brasil

In 2009 a strategic partnership was established with Banco do Brasil (BB), Brazil's largest financial institution, which acquired 49.99% of the voting shares and 50% of the total capital of Banco Votorantim (Bank). This strategic partnership combines competitive advantages of both institutions: the asset origination capacity and agile business model of BV and strength of BB, with an extensive retail network and ample funding.

The figure below illustrates the strong complementarity between the two institutions. 



The partnership structure preserves BV's business model while boosting the capacity of both institutions to capture growth opportunities more effectively and rapidly. It enhances their ability to develop new business ventures and operate in strategic areas, adding value to BV, BB and their clients and customers, who can now rely on an even more competitive, solid and agile offering of financial services. This partnership has a strong strategic rationale and long-term view, and has allowed the exploitation of business opportunities in several segments.