Personnel Management

The Human Resources and Organizational Culture (HR) area acts as a strategic partnership in the development of actions that support business growth, besides providing the breakdown of institutional guidelines for all the employees, promoting actions geared towards human capital management and the maintenance of values and organizational culture.

Our pillars are:

  • Environment, represented by a place with values aligned with the organization’s purpose.
  • Bond, which reflects the employees’ ties to the organization.
  • Excellence, support with the best tools, modern and innovative practices of Human Resources.

In 2017, the Bank strengthened its Organizational Culture, which has four attributes: Clients, Leadership, Results and Governance.

Besides investing in the hiring of talented professionals as a basis for staffing framework, the Bank seeks to attract professionals with competitive differentials aligned with the organizational culture and values. During 2017, the Bank increased its onsite training sessions and incentivized self-development, providing technical development and the development of topics related to the Organizational Culture.

The Organizational Culture framework has four attributes: Clients, Leadership, Results and Governance. “Our way of being and making a difference" is in the Bank's daily practice. It is in the way of doing business, generating results, and how employees relate to one another.  After all, “we are what we do”.

Managing performance and handling the management of talents are both absolutely necessary to achieve Bank’s goals. The current Performance Management model supports the execution of the organizational strategy by means of the joint definition of targets and evaluation of corporate competencies. This model values the feedback and feedforward conversation practice to support the development of professionals, always encouraging the employees to act as protagonists in the management of their careers.

Expressing a genuine concern to monitor and maintain a pleasant working environment, the Bank values cooperation between people and seeks to build relationships of trust based on ethics, transparency, and mutual respect.

Compensation practices are based on a meritocratic model, recognizing and differentiating individual performance and its impact on the collective result. The model aims at aligning the interests of both shareholders and professionals, and stimulates the seeking of sustainable results.

At the end of Dec.17, the number of employees totaled 3,873, with 53% of men and 47% of women.


Updated on February 22nd, 2018