Banco Votorantim is committed to establishing ethical, transparent and lasting relations across all areas of activity, considering the economic, social, environmental and human aspects in its processes.

According to Banco Votorantim, ‘Sustainability is the construction of the long-term relationship through actions targeting the economic wellbeing of society and the amplified management of risks and opportunities. These three pillars set the directions to be taken and are present in all the areas and businesses of the organization.

Aligned with these concepts, the key focal points of activity of the Institution related to the topic are: Business Sustainability, Financial Education, Social Responsibility and Impact of Activities.

Business Sustainability

In the second half of 2016, a study on the climate footprint of two investment funds of Votorantim Asset Management was conducted. After this study was concluded, the emissions of the “Fia Votorantim Sustentabilidade em Ações” Investment Fund referring to 2015 were offset (1.104 thousand tCO2e (tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent)). The Bank is a pioneer in the offsetting of greenhouse gases of investment funds.

Financial Education

Banco Votorantim is committed to promoting financial education in the relationship with its stakeholders.

In the second half of 2016, the Bank provided training for 753 employees from Consumer Finance Segment areas to pass on knowledge on this topic to the clients. The focus was the appropriate supply of products and financial guidance.

Two other actions aimed at the society were held: a financial education lecture at the Querô Project, a project based in Santos (state of São Paulo) which is supported by the Bank, and mini financial education workshops at the race and walk sponsored by the Bank in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Social Responsibility

Banco Votorantim launched its online volunteering platform in May.16. Throughout the year, a total of 32 actions were organized by the Bank, with the help of 121 volunteer employees, benefiting 8963 people.

In Dec.16, the Bank made the capital contributions to the projects that will be developed throughout 2017. A total of R$ 5.1 million was allocated to 23 projects under tax incentive laws.

Impact of Activities

The actions were aimed at the Management of the Waste generated by the Bank's buildings. The following actions were carried out: (i) visits to service providers; (ii) monitoring of the waste disposal process in administrative buildings; (iii) documentation control; (iv) creation of a solid waste work group; and (v) research on the solid waste disposal process at the branches.

The objective is to improve the internal management of the waste generated by the Bank, focusing on a reduction of waste and its proper disposal.


At the end of 2014, the Bank approved its Sustainability and Social Responsibility Policy, a document in its 4th version and aims at guiding the behavior of all companies of the Consolidated Financial Economic Votorantim, considering their specific needs and the legal and regulatory aspects to which they are subject. During 2016, the action plan that covers actions required for the adaptation of the organizational and operational structure of the institution was put into practice, as well as the routines and the procedure to be executed in compliance with the guidelines of the policy, according to a schedule specified by the institution.

In the second half of 2016, the Bank was featured in the Exame Sustainability Guide. The Bank was recognized in the "Relationship with Clients and Consumers" category, an award granted to companies that achieve excellence in terms of the quality of their Ombudsman's Office.


Annual Report

Banco Votorantim’s annual report provides more information on this topic, as well as the institution’s key financial data and results.

Click here for the Annual Report.


Updated on May 11th, 2017