Banco Votorantim is committed to establishing ethical, transparent and lasting relations across all areas of activity, considering the economic, social, environmental and human aspects in its processes.

According to Banco Votorantim, ‘Sustainability is the construction of the long-term relationship through actions targeting the economic wellbeing of society and the amplified management of risks and opportunities. These three pillars set the directions to be taken and are present in all the areas and businesses of the organization.

Aligned with these concepts, the key focal points of activity of the Institution related to the topic are: Business Sustainability, Financial Education, Social Responsibility and Impact of Activities.

Financial Education


The “4th National Financial Education Week” (ENEF) took place from May 8 to 14. Aiming to make individuals aware of the importance of planning for a healthy financial life, the Bank participated in this initiative with lectures and workshops on financial planning and the new credit card rules.

In total, 203 people received tips and advice on how to manage their money in the best possible way: 89 Bank’s employees, interns and apprentices and 114 people assisted by the “Querô” and “Projeto Viver” social projects.

Social Responsibility

Volunteering revitalization plan

In the first half of 2017, Banco Votorantim’s Volunteering revitalization plan was started. In this phase, employees from all areas of the Bank were able to enroll to participate in the construction of the Program’s activities, which will take place during the second semester.

Participation in the VPE of the Votorantim Group

Banco Votorantim is participating in the Votorantim Partnership for Education (PVE), an initiative of the Instituto Votorantim involving the Group’s companies, aiming to contribute to the improvement of public education in the municipalities where the Corporate Group operates through the social mobilization of communities and qualification of educational management practices.

The Bank has provided resources to enable the Votorantim Partnership for Education Award, which recognizes best practices among the participating municipalities, on the different program streams: public management, social mobilization and internal engagement.

Impact of Activities

Solid waste

The Sustainability area participated actively in the Rochaverá occupation project on the waste issue. On the last day of each stage of change, the Bank held the Detachment Day. This action consisted in guiding employees to dispose materials and objects unnecessary for the work routine, paying attention to the correct disposal of waste and donating items in good condition to projects supported by the Bank.


Participation in the Exame Sustainability Guide

For the third year, the Bank participated in the Exame Sustainability Guide, a publication of Exame magazine that recognizes good sustainability practices in the business sector. The result of the selection process will be disclosed at the end of the second semester

Annual Report

Banco Votorantim’s annual report provides more information on this topic, as well as the institution’s key financial data and results.

Click here for the Annual Report.


Updated on November 09th, 2017