Banco Votorantim is committed to establishing ethical, transparent and lasting relations across all areas of activity, considering the economic, social, environmental and human aspects in its processes.

According to Banco Votorantim, ‘Sustainability is the construction of the long-term relationship through actions targeting the economic wellbeing of society and the amplified management of risks and opportunities. These three pillars set the directions to be taken and are present in all the areas and businesses of the organization.

Aligned with these concepts, the key focal points of activity of the Institution related to the topic are: Business Sustainability, Financial Education, Social Responsibility and Impact of Activities.

Financial Education

In 2017, Banco Votorantim implemented a series of actions to promote the theme of financial education aimed to encourage a more prosperous society prepared to changes, through the financial health of our employees, clients and society.


It is possible to point out the following actions occurred in the 2nd half of 2017:

  • 65 managers received recycling in Financial Education focused on the proper orientation to the client, and they were qualified to be multipliers of the theme;
  • Lectures on Financial Education were voluntarily held by business managers to entities supported by the Bank. In total, 11 entities with 423 people were benefitted.


Social Responsibility

Volunteer Revitalization Plan

In the 1st half of 2017, the revitalization of the Volunteer Program of Banco Votorantim was initiated aimed at greater commitment and participation of the employees.  An agenda and groups with pre-defined actions were created, which employees from all the areas of the Bank were able to join in order to participate in the activities during the year. With the Volunteer Revitalization Plan, there was an increase of almost 50% of the number of participants.

Social investment

The social investment of the Consolidated includes initiatives that are aligned to the social responsibility strategy and in conformity with the positioning of the brand, reflecting the commitment with the future of Brazil. Through the destination of funds, the social investment encourages projects in the social, cultural and sports areas developed by previously selected entities with recognized operation in the sector. Based on funds for the year 2017, R$ 7.8 million were invested to support 19 projects in 2018.



Impact of Activities

In 2017, the emphasis was to improve the understanding of the Low Carbon Economy and the trends and impacts on the business of the Bank. The Bank established a partnership with “Legado das Águas” (environmental asset of Votorantim Group) managed by Reservas Votorantim so as to enable the Bank to support the preservation of the area, that is, to invest funds in “standing forest”, thus making the equivalence of the volume of CO² not emitted in the atmosphere.


In addition, in the 2nd half of 2017 the financing “Energia Solar BV” was launched, a credit facility destined to projects of solar panels for power generation. The product launched contributed to attain the goals assumed by Brazil, and is in line with the Low Carbon Economy.



The Bank participated in 10 Work Groups (GT) organized by external entities, such as FEBRABAN, ANBIMA and CEBDS, for us to monitor the movements of social and environmental good practices.


Annual Report

Banco Votorantim’s annual report provides more information on this topic, as well as the institution’s key financial data and results.

Click here for the Annual Report.


Updated on May 10th, 2018